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Poetry – Ivo Rafailov

Immortal Elegy
A Brief Denial of Responsibility
A Portrait of Kubrick. Cat and Sweetheart
Several Reproaches to First Love
The Slave Ship by J. M. W. Turner
Catulus once again. A new translation
Moby Dick
Elegy for Your Birthday

Several Reproaches to First Love

It’s like the story of Polish poetry.

In the anthology starting with
Milosz, Szymborska, Różewicz and Herbert
nobody else has a chance to say anything memorable:

excessive evolutionism,
brief postmodernism,
petty sentimentality.

And then

how to explain to your children
that they are not children of your great love,
that they do not carry the genes of gratitude.

How to admit

that you’ve missed your life in an attempt to forget
because love had been so close and coincident with you,
that you’ve needed a different tongue to keep from talking about it.

AuthorIvo Rafailov
Translated bySuzana V. Spasovska
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