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Poetry – Ivo Rafailov

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A Brief Denial of Responsibility

I promised you to not publicize the story
but as you can see, I’ve been pulling your leg.

I should add –
I understand how intimacy is possible
in advanced age,

when lust
is not mistaken for tenderness
toward the familiar,

and you’ve known each other awhile.

There is evidence
of one or two occurrences
of maneuvers failed at the time:

making eyes,
obvious obscenities in the phrases

now mostly describing a possibility
to repeat your lives.

And precisely here everyone has something to relate,
to demonstrate compassion.

For example, she feeds you
because she can cook

and feeds you because you have no money
and feeds you because alone
she has no one to feed from.

Your belly
is finished anyway,
stuffed with the Russian classics.

Food is her peace,
the possibility of making peace
around someone
who is present.

What’s left for you?

A horse in a gondola
and in the senate,
a horse in bed?

Gong for the horses
trotting towards the manger.

A boring picture
of the young spirit and will.

But she’s already done mourning
your pink flesh,
striped from flogging.

and now it’s too late for you
to rip the stomachs
of perpetrators
turned relatives.

You two are doomed to nobility.

Your Sunday rendezvous
remind me or church services,
your Sunday rendezvous
are beautiful symbols of decay.

And here there is no possession,
I hope you understand –

it’s pointless

to live somewhere
where the governing power is unfamiliar.

And you’ve known each other awhile.

AuthorIvo Rafailov
Translated bySuzana V. Spasovska
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