Celestial Hostel

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Celestial Hostel

Canzone and Sirtaki
Brotherhood and Sisterhood
The Girls of My Youth
Flowering Judas Tree in the Courtyard of Old Vienna’s General Hospital, Now The University Campus
My Pub
In Belgrade, Ten Years after the War
Apartment in Paradise

In front of the Heavenly tribunal
after the Supreme Court judge reads
the list of my biggest mortal sins
if they ask for the last word of the accused
before the final judgment
I’ll say: Lord, give me
one small apartment
at the entrance to Hades
because I am used to living in fire.

The only thing I ask is that in the rooms beside mine
live four Croats,
two Serbs and three Bosniaks,
one German, one Italian who speaks German,
two Austrians
and one Hungarian
with whom I have shared beautiful unbearable days
of my temporary existence.

Also there should be eight women there
whose nationality was never of interest to me
and who have told me
that paradise exists:
Vesna, with the sky blue eyes,
Ljiljana, Selma, the “blue angel”
Elke, Milena, who will be with me when at midnight
I’ll stagger through the underground streets), Senada,
Carmen, who has shown me a paradise without love,
and Fatima hurija from Heaven

And, Lord, please make sure
that the barmen Miki is also there,
and air conditioning.
That much, Lord, I hope I have earned
by roaming through your
earthly hells.

And luxury apartments, heavenly gardens,
give to those who enjoyed them on earth.

AuthorMile Stojić
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