Asphalt Dragons

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Asphalt Dragons

A Kiss
A Pirate Love Poem
Sonnet of Air Narcissus
Sun Sonnet
Summer Sonnet
Asphalt. Nostalgia poem
Blues for the Life That Was Almost Mine

From “Asphalt Dragons”, Blesok, 2011.

The high heel shoes were invented by a girl
who was always kissed on her forehead.
Since then the forehead shines like a shoeshine
and the eyebrows brush does not stop shining
the eye’s electricity after the bombing
on the lips’ mines.
I remember the first kiss, by the lemon tree that was clean
of leaves. Someone told us that if we will rub our teeth
with a leaf the cigarette smell will be erased.
The fog had then thin fingers. The city neck
was wide, refusing strangling and the girl that I wanted
did not know that the lemon smell between teeth and tongue
was spread in the imagination on her face’s salad.

Translated by
Hanni Dimitstein

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