Large format II, Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje, May – June 2021

/, Gallery, Blesok no. 137/Large format II, Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje, May – June 2021

Large format II, Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje, May – June 2021

Simon Shemov, Traces, combined technique, 1985, 625х495 cm (left)

Mogens Andersen, May, oil on canvas, 1965, 195х260 cm 1965 (right)

Elizabeta Avramovska, Homo sapiens-homo narcissus, 1999 (installation on the floor, with the planes)

Bernhart Garbert, Babylonian tent – Art/weapon, paint on transparent nylon foil, 2000, 400х360 cm (behind the window ARM-ART)

Zhaneta Vangeli, Angel, acrylic on paper and canvas, 1986, 250х200 cm
(painting on the wall)

Petar Hadzi Boshkov, Dialogue, colored polyester, 1978, variable dimensions

Ismet Ramicevic, Biljana washed the canvas, newspapers, 2001, 1100х250х2 cm

At the exhibition are represented works of nine authors. They are artworks of large format (paintings, installations, and sculptures). The selection of the works from the collection of the MCA was made by the curator Blagoja Varoshanec. In the Museum’s third exhibition gallery the works of Mogens Andersen, Elizabeta Avramovska, Zhaneta Vangeli, Bernhardt Garbert, René Duvillier, Ismet Ramicevic, Petar Hadzi Boshkov, Angelo Titonel, and Simon Shemov are presented.

Large format II is an exhibition of artworks from the collection of Macedonian and foreign authors and is about the relation of the artwork towards the architectural space and the viewer.

“How do we percept the format in the art? Humongous plastic ice cream, huge dogs made of balloons, long painted canvas rolls, or simply enlarged photo-portraits painted on the buildings around the world – are some of the examples where the dimension in the expression is a dominant element of the aesthetic in the artworks. The format is connected to the dimensions of the object comparing to the other object, and very often it can be one of the principles of the organization of visual and structural elements in the art. The format in the art is not only about the dimensions of the artwork, but also it is a relational principle of the ratio towards the objects or relation towards the human body. The relational aesthetic is the basis of the artwork, and the corporality or spatial component can be considered as measures which define or are in relation to the size or perception of the art work” – Blagoja Varoshanec.

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