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Poetry – Zoran Ančevski

The Last Campaign
The Lament of the Ancient Warrior
Coming – Going?

Coming – Going?

The coming of evening on each campaign
is a blessing for exhuasted wings
flying to nests woven from darkness –
ships sailing slowly to sheltered coves.

The coming of silence at each campaign
is like the sudden descent of sleep
(‘Death’s second self’, they say)
when fear engulfs you again –
the tremor of a frog croaking froth
that oozes an echo to a deaf ear.

So the end of each campaign is marked
by the deafening applause of thunder
resounding between victory and defeat.
There the moon is an actress behind
a lace curtain woven from heavenly paths,
poised to perform her nightly dance.

* * *

The coming of morning in the rotting sky
above your home (Oh, what a heady show)
invites you to unpleasant adventures:
daylight opens every pore in your body
(Death’s first self, you say)

to nothingness.

AuthorZoran Ančevski
Translated byLidija Kapuševska-Drakulevska
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