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Lidija Kapuševska-Drakulevska (b. 1962). Full Professor of Comparative Poetics at the Department of General and Comparative Literature, Faculty of Philology „Blaze Koneski“ – Skopje, Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. Member of Macedonian P.E.N., of Macedonian Association of Writers and of Comparatives, European Network of Compartive Literary Studies (REELC/ENCLS) and of the International Association of Comparative Literature (AILC/ICLA). Published articles and essays on literary fantastic works, interpretation of poetic texts and comparative study of literary phenomena (imagology, intercultural relations, memory and identity, etc.)

In the labyrinths of Fantastic: the Fantastic short story in Macedonian Literature
 (1998, 2nd ed. 2004), Poetics of the Unknown: the symbolists impulses in Macedonian contemporary poetry (2001), Poetics of the Surprise: the surrealists impulses in Macedonian contemporary poetry (2003), Margarita on the trails of the Master: essays and studies (2006), Kaleidoscope essays and studies (2011), Mosaic of voices: views on Macedonian Literature (2018) (“Dimitar Mitrev” award, Macedonian Association of Writers), The Author in the mirror (2021).

Coeditor of the Anthology of World Lyric Poems (1994) with Maja Bojadžievska and editor of several anthologies and selections: Day in Skopje, anthology of Short Stories on Skopje (1998); House – The whole World (The house-the threshold: a thematic selection of contemporary Macedonian poetry, 2004); Vlada Urošević, The Unpredictable Walks (selection of Poetry and Prose, 2008); Ivan Džeparoski, The Will of a Thought (selection of Poetry, 2008); Anthology of Fantastic Stories in a Contemporary Macedonian Literature The hard Night (2009); a selection of contemporary Macedonian poetry When the Butterfly becomes a Poem (2010, in Flemish) with Vladimir Martinovski; Poesia Macedonia Contemporanea en Español (selection of contemporary Macedonian poetry in Spanish), The Macedonian PEN Review, 2011-2012, Anthology of World Lyric Poems, IV (XVIII-XIXth century: from Gray to Tagore, 2015); Blaže Koneski, The Macedonian XIXth century, 6 (2020) with A. Gjurcinova and B. Karapejovski

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