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Lidija Kapuševska-Drakulevska (b. 1962). Full Professor of Comparative Poetics at the Department of General and Comparative Literature, Faculty of Philology „Blaze Koneski“ – Skopje, Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. Member of Macedonian Association of Comparatives, European Network of Compartive Literary Studies (REELC/ENCLS) and of the International Association of Comparative Literature (AILC/ICLA). Published articles and essays on literary fantastic works, interpretation of poetic texts and comparative study of literary phenomena (imagology, intercultural relations, memory and identity, etc.)
In the labyrinths of Fantastic: the Fantastic short story in Macedonian Literature
(1998, 2nd ed. 2004), Poetics of the Unknown: the symbolists impulses in Macedonian contemporary poetry (2001), Poetics of the Surprise: the surrealists impulses in Macedonian contemporary poetry (2003), Margarita on the trails of the Master: essays and studies (2006), Kaleidoscope essays and studies (2011). Coeditor of the Anthology of World Lyric Poems (1994) with Maja Bojadžievska and editor of several anthologies and selections: Day in Skopje, anthology of Short Stories on Skopje (1998); House – The whole World (The house-the threshold: a thematic selection of contemporary Macedonian poetry, 2004); Vlada Urošević, The Unpredictable Walks (selection of Poetry and Prose, 2008); Ivan Džeparoski, The Will of a Thought (selection of Poetry, 2008); Anthology of Fantastic Stories in a Contemporary Macedonian Literature The hard Night (2009); a selection of contemporary Macedonian poetry When the Butterfly becomes a Poem (2010, in Flemish) with Vladimir Martinovski.

Lidija Kapuševska-Drakulevska is editor of Blesok Essays and Blesok Reviews.

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