The Return of the Defeated

/, Blesok no. 23/The Return of the Defeated

The Return of the Defeated

That Man in the Mirror
The Roses on Aksya"s Fingers
My Father Ulysses
The Return of the Defeated
An Encounter with а Snake
The Departure of the Eels
Near to Death Near to Life

Did you ask yourselves
whether he would soon return
and whether he would take with him
his shadow
and whether he would tie his dog
to someone’s smile
or to the thorn
which blossoms into an unknown word?

Did you believe
that winter should encourage
those who were missed by the summer
those whose silent star
stubbornly followed its own path?

Did you ask him
what he remembered or forgot?
Did you let him believe
that he was welcome
and offer him a place
at your table?

Did you bring out of the cellar
the wine
that you only offer to the victors?

AuthorSrbo Ivanovski
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