The Return of the Defeated

/, Blesok no. 23/The Return of the Defeated

The Return of the Defeated

That Man in the Mirror
The Roses on Aksya"s Fingers
My Father Ulysses
The Return of the Defeated
An Encounter with а Snake
The Departure of the Eels
Near to Death Near to Life

Translated by: Zoran Ančevski

That Man in the last mirror
Who enters before the door opens
And then stands puzzled in the bright air
Is looking for a wall on which to write his time
Where he came from a while ago.
Then he’ll stop the clock
Above the hearth Will take over the ash’s fate
And will seize his own smouldered past
This is why he reaches for the hinges of the door
And wants to swing it open.

13 June ’96

AuthorSrbo Ivanovski
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