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Bodan Arsovski: Details

#1 Bodan Arsovski is a bass guitarist, who was born in Macedonia in 1956. He is well-known as member and one of the founders of the legendary group “Leb I Sol.” In the period of 20 years he released 12 LP records and 4 CD’s together with the band and performed in the following cities: New York 1991 (CBGB), Chicago 1982 (Tuts), Washington 1982 (9:30), London 1994 (Astoria, Ronnie Scott’s) Paris 1994 (New Morning), Amsterdam 1994 (Paradiso), Prague, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Skopje, Thessaloniki … …

His first solo project “Endless View” was released on CD in 1995. This time he used the Macedonian folklore even more, which resulted from his friendship with the world known pipe player Pece Atanasovski. In 1996 he got Macedonian awards for the best CD, the best concert and the best composer of the year.

The “Endless View” aroused a big interest among the people in Macedonia and the promoters from Belgrade, Zagreb, Trieste, Thessaloniki, Wien and Cape Town.

The next CD “Tiresias” (1998) includes his music for antique tragedies “Bacchants” and “Medea” by Euripides. After releasing this material, he takes the offer to make an opera for Seneca’s “Oedipus” which will be directed by David Gothard, England.

In the summer of 1998 he started working with “Ezgija Orchestra” again. He has played many concerts in Macedonia and Croatia and he is expected in Wien, Copenhagen, Cape Town (South Africa) and Providence (USA).

For further details, please contact:
EZGIJA – Records
Phone: +389 2 361 725 fax: +389 2 118661

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