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Down the Street with the Red Wind
Joint Lonelinesses
Dream Duo
As Long As There Is Music…

waiting. I would be right, this is what I am waiting for! I am soothed by the awareness that I have the perfect music, I smile fixing my hat.

As Long As There Is Music…

aiting diminishes the options and there are fewer and fewer chances. The older you are, the more difficult it is for you to see the new chances. I moved to another album and stayed there. “Always Say Goodbye” became the album of my searches. It would be good if Šodan were here now, if he did not have to return to the Netherlands for his action. You never know where the new lead will take you, but I am sure that his way of looking at things would definitely clear some of my dilemmas. I am left with my hat to fix it one more time.

“The piano keyboards are more constant that life itself, they return what you invest in them, never less. In his forties, Bud Powell had fuel in his blood and everything burned; Thelonious Monk plays wonderfully and marvellously because he felt wonderful and marvellous. The piano was the first certain and honest thing in my life, I could approach it as I wanted and fail or be good. Without any hesitation and in a snap.”

As far as Monk is concerned, you are right Hawes, old chap. May you rest in junk-jazz peace. It’s going to be difficult to find more wonderful and more marvellous creature than Thelonious Monk. Let this be the last lesson for today: I see some movement at the park entrance. It is the sign that I have been waiting for, the action starts. The next move is mine.

AuthorMehmed Begić
Translated byElizabeta Bakovska
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