The Rise and Fall of Comrade Zylo

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The Rise and Fall of Comrade Zylo

Translation from Albanian: Jetmire Maliqi
Translator: Zorica Teofilova



I completed the report and submitted it to the Bureau of Culture and Science within our Ministry, which was my obligation. This Bureau dealt in literature and art. In the office together with comrade Shemshedin, who managed this department, was also comrade Zylo, who headed the museum department. Comrade Shemshedin took the report and gave it to comrade Q., who was outside the Bureau of Culture and Science and outside the Ministry, at another, more important level. The two directors, with me as well, went to see comrade Q. I was sitting in the office and listening the comments about the report. It was to be presented at a large event, an event attended by numerous prominent persons.

Comrade Q. suddenly left the office and left us, taking the report with him.

– I will present the report – said comrade Shemshedin.

The other one with the thin lips listened to him, looking at him ironically.

– I can also present it – said the other one, comrade Zylo.

“They both believe the report is well written”, I thought to myself. “If they didn’t believe it, neither would want to present it.

– Why should you present it? – Shemshedin joined in. – I gave Demkë the theses. I worked on those theses ten days without a break. Comrade Q knows this also.

I frowned. Comrade Shemshedin didn’t give me a single thesis. He only talked to me about the content of the report. But that was a general conversation was and we didn’t talk about any thesis whatsoever.

– I’ll present the report. I talked about this with comrade Q. Comrade Q. agreed – said comrade Zylo curtly and categorically. Comrade Shemshedin got off the table.

– You amaze me Zylo; that I should prepare the report and you should present it! You want to shine at the event. It isn’t suitable – said comrade Shemshedin.

– It was not only you who prepared the report, we all helped. I helped, he helped… – comrade Zylo indicated towards me with his arm.

“How strange! I helped? Didn’t I write the report from the beginning to the end with my two hands?..” I thought to myself.

– The report is mine – exclaimed comrade Shemshedin loudly. What do you want? You’re in charge of a different department, regardless that we are in the same Ministry, in the same area of social activity! – reacted comrade Shemshedin.

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