Poems From „COCCYX“ (PNV, 2019)

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Poems From „COCCYX“ (PNV, 2019)



we are nowhere
we go nowhere
we do not come from anywhere
we are just a lonely drawing at the runway
we emanate our breath at airport gates
we hear deaf conversations at the highways
we stare at the closed windows in suspended subways
the trains of silence are late
the flights rescheduled
the days postponed
for never again

the wine fermenting on our bewildered lips
at the edges of our minds
our eyes are frozen clouds
our throats blown dunes in the desert
steppe growing on our tongue
humid jungles in our sex
precipices in our chest
burning charts after the rain
on the crystal-clear sky
that does not cover any land

we leave after our shadows
footprints in the quicksand we are
teared off clothes of refugees with no traces
scepters rejected from invented kingdoms
nails teeth eyes dig up from unwritten histories
lost in the unexplored ridges of our flesh
thrown maps on our knees
yawning tides biting inlets and littorals
on the shores of our cellular yearning
on the threshold of the dead nations
we burn only for that moment
when you know
when I know
you are the defeated Levant
you turn your back on the Eastern wind
you walk down the borders of your freedom
you leave
but you are no longer a chimera
neither you are in exile
nor you will ever be
for me
a terra incognita

AuthorNataša Sardžoska
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