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it looked as if the sky was a king-size bed
and you were not there to watch it with me
so i watched alone and lonely.

that was a day
when you said “i need a rain”
and it rained.

you did not know
how many gifts i brought
to the feet of the
Rain King.

you did not know:
my eye loves you
and your absence
makes it blind

i feared at the thought
i have looked for you
through the song of the wind

That was a day when i thought
Lord, i will die seducing kings
for she to be pleased, i thought
Lord, we have not spoken for a long time
but you should see her
you should feel her pulse, Lord!
she is our sister
and i’ll make her a mistress.

you have not seen one like, my Lord.
the birds are whispering her name
and the stars are telling me where she sleeps
when the trains search for her through the city
and the day comes earlier to woo her
and the night is always too long
when she is gone

so why cannot i sleep

every word of mine is far from the wisdom
as i am far from the consciousness
but she understands me more than everyone
and sometimes she speaks to me
with her hair, sometimes
with her fingers…

that was a day
when i though i would fly away in the clouds
for no strength to come and bring me

that was a day
when the rainbow was setting
in her eyes
but i feared
i’ll scare her if i tell her
so i became reticent
and i was silent like the gold on her chest
i was silent as i am keeping the secret
our secret
mine, yours and hers, Lord

that was a day
when I thought
songs to her are endless
and i and the wind are becoming one

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