I know you know

/, Blesok no. 75/I know you know

I know you know

That"s us brothers
Just rain, buy the rain
I have deserted the poet
Chet Baker finds me
Wondrous people
Nina Simone
Close your eyes to not see the flags
The Hands of Victor Jara

Translated by Korana Šegetalo – Delić
From mk/поезија/586-знам-дека-знаеш-9789989594731.htmlЗнам дека знаеш / Znam da znaš / I Know You Know”, Blesok, 2012.

Today’s rain has no end.
Today’s rain has lost its beginning.
I walk toward you
trying to remember for how many days
we have met like this.
And we talk.
We talk like we always do – slow and clever.
All I see right now reminds me
of That City
which in the end our kind is destined to.
Our kind loves old fashioned movies.
They feed out adopted vanities.
Your silence clears my head again.
When it’s all used up
I will give you my own.
Let them make love like only silences can.
Pausing Everything I’m senselessly telling you
what I intended to tell you tomorrow. And yesterday.
It’s raining still and it’s not cold.
In cups coffee waits patiently
to the droning of our desires.
I love rain when it’s not cold
and when we have coffee at
places where they have no love for their
where the music is no good.
Those are the places we go to more often,
especially when it
rains like this… when everything falls back.
I ask myself if The Other City
will provide my place
and someone like you
to complete
soggy Tuesday afternoons,
Wednesdays, Mondays
and all the rest.
I worry a little.
Not because of myself, but because of the silence
You know already… I know you know.

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