Kasiopeja Naumoska “The first 30”

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Kasiopeja Naumoska “The first 30”

It’s hard to write about people you know and love!

It is even more difficult to write about people you know well and loves very much!

The most difficult thing is writing about people you know well and love endlessly!

(And when such people create and make artworks, when they captivate you and when they silence you or when they provoke your thinking, and by the way, they shed light on what you love endlessly and think you know it very well, then writing about that person and that author, becomes a really difficult task.)

When it comes to a suitable speech for some occasions, such as the jubilee and the 30 years of creative work of Kasiopeja Naumoska, I think writing becomes an impossible mission?! And it’s not the first time I write about Kasi!

Because, for the last 10 years of her fruitful 30-year career, Kasi and I wrote texts in our mutual messenger, as much as if we had 3 times of 30 years socializing and creating, probably driven by the urge to make it up for all those many years in which we did not know each other in person.

Yes, I know Kasi’s work from her official artistic beginnings in the early 1990s of the last century, and as they would you say in my birth-place Gevgelija (and that’s where my first meeting with her works happened) we “hit it off”, from the first! And we personally “clicked” with the organization of her first solo exhibition in our Cultural Informative Center in Sofia, 10 years ago and since then we haven’t stopped “clicking”, every day afterward.

Hundreds and hundreds of works that I have had the pleasure and honor to see and give a name to (“Say the name, godfather!”), as well as more than a hundred of my texts, first passed through that heated messenger of ours (heated by communicating, of course)! And thousands more comments, jokes, witticisms, songs with rhymes and songs without rhymes and pearl jokes, who knows how many there were?! And when even that endless multitude of wits would be exhausted in a moment, we were so enthusiastically eager to go back to the good old forgotten horoscopes, just to remember that one December of a year long ago, Kasi was to be “shot down by Cupid’s arrow”, and I was supposed to be hit in the head by a teleprinter, fax machine, photocopier or something like that?!”

Writing these lines of text to you, dear Kasi, because we MUST honor this jubilee as a special occasion, it occurs to me that we have never, ever dealt with numbers, almost in any context! We have never opened accounts and made calculations, because a friend in need is a friend indeed, right?! Well, here we are Cassi, another unopened topic, on the occasion of “Your First 30” and that for the first time!

“30 combines the meaning of two components, these are the numbers 3 and 0. The vibration of the number 3 is known to mean spontaneity, energy, enthusiasm, charm, and communication. The number 0 combines the energy of infinity, wholeness, beginning, continuation, and completion all at the same time,” says a group of dedicated numerologists about the symbolism of the number 30!

(Do you find yourself in this Kasi, or should I continue until the first next jubilee will ad new numbers and zeros, reminding You of that perfect energy that should easily combine and arrange according to Your will – the beginning and the end, infinity, eternity and the moment in which you live and create, the emptiness of all the new stretched canvases and the fullness with which you will round up wholes of pleasures?!)

According to another, equally convincing group of numerologists, the number 30 represents an ideal combination of creativity and communication. “It is known,” said the numerologists from that group, “that this number radiates charismatic energy. The number 30 contains the powerful energy of Jupiter within. Zero enhances the creative talent of the number Three!”

(Can you disagree with this Cassie, that there is more than just symbolism in “Your First 30”?!)

A bit more, in the name of those good old pearls of wisdom about the Artist and Art that we did not manage to exchange in our hot messenger mentioned above, here, I leave them here as a handful of pearls of wisdom through which I recognize You even more!

(In memory of the teleprinter that never hit me in my head, I telegraphically sublimate them for You in one compilation and in one breath!)

“Art is the only serious thing in this world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious… The purpose of art is to reveal the art and to hide the artist… Art allows us to lose ourselves and find ourselves, at the same time… You can look at a painting all week and then never think of it. You can look at a painting for just a moment and then think about it for the rest of your life… Art is the line around your thoughts… Being an artist means believing in life… The work of art is the cry for freedom… Every child is an artist, the only problem is whether s/he will remain an artist when s/he grows up!

In art, as in love, instinct is enough… To shed light on the heart, that is the call of art… Strong reasons create strong works!… Art is never finished, only for a moment it is abandoned… A great artist is the greatest treasure of a nation …”

PS Shouldn’t I forget?! Considering that with “Your First 30” you become twice as great at the same time (55?!), it’s my turn to tell you first, on behalf of all who love and respect you – You are our invaluable personal and national treasure, Kasiopeja Naumoska!

PhD Vasko Shutarov

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