Traces and Memories

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Traces and Memories

Counihan Gallery in Brunswick
Melbourne, Australia

13 November – 12 December 2021

Darko Aleksovski, Saso Stanojkovik, Marjan Stojkovski and Violeta Capovska

Curated by Dr Suzana Milevska

‘Traces and Memories’ presents the work of four Macedonian artists. Their work explores ‘visible’ traces of the past in relation to ‘invisible’ memories. ‘Traces’ are remnants of the past that exist in the present. ‘Remembering’ is a cognitive process that connects the past to the present. The artists in ‘Traces and Memories’ examine how socio-political turbulence can affect memories. Collective memories, transferred across generations, make past events meaningful. The events are meaningful even to people who were not there to experience them. In this way, personal memories and history intertwine in many threads. This exhibition attempts to unravel these threads, which have become tangled over time.

Here is a link for more information about the exhibition, as well as the digital catalogue:…/wha…/traces–memories/

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