Associative Concentration

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Associative Concentration

#1 This exhibition of Slavica Janešlieva presents one of her most recent series of prints. Actually, it could be said that since 2010 her printmaking expression has significantly changed. It seems that some kind of purification, a kind of reduction and associative concentration takes place in the process of her creative contemplation. These, in the manner of Miró, simplified but at the same time in their expression very powerful prints are created in various techniques – linocut, aquatint etc., seem to synthetise all of her past artistic experience. Now Janešlieva solves the problems in a reduced and the most elementary way – a colour, a form, a movement of the hand! These are almost drawing outbursts carried out in different printmaking techniques, visual impressions of a sea scenery, a bird, a tree, an angel, a window…unintentionally collected. To be more precise, now Janešlieva in a masterly way solves the most difficult problem – to express a great deal by a few means, i.e. in a lapidary expression with basic means to manage in creating, suggesting and transmitting what is essential!

#2 Janešlieva is relatively a young artist and certainly there is plenty of time for her to progress further in her creative work. But at this moment it should be emphasized that her creative work so far has certainly extended the scope of Macedonian printmaking, and at the same time it speaks with an impressive and above all a specific visual attractiveness and technical perfection rare in contemporary Macedonian printmaking.

Inscriptions from the underground (2008-2012), “Nova Linija”, Skopje, 2013, p.123,124.

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