as for the Exhibition of Dimitar Pandilov

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as for the Exhibition of Dimitar Pandilov

Viktorija Vaseva Dimeska
Cvetan Grozdanov
Elena Macan Chukikj
Boris Petkovski
Sonja Abadzhieva-Dimitrova

#7 …“Distant from any noisy arguments over what is modern or contemporary, he was painting in accordance with his feelings. At the time of socialistic realism, he was exactly the same painter as he was in the years to come. Many suggested to him a more liberated manner of painting, departing from realism and his impressionistic palette. However, he was only smiling at these suggestions, never getting angry, and painting the way inspiration guided his hand. Therefore, the reviews on his paintings presented at the SFAM exhibitions were brief and clear… a sincere interpreter of impressionistic landscape…”
#8 … Dimitar Pandilov, academic painter of the first generation is a painter of men, of earth and sky, and his works are dedicated entirely to Macedonians and the Macedonian soil. He painted small human joys, labor, and the feelings of his People.
… He lived modestly and quietly but left behind a long and meaningful trail of works. During his forty years long work, he created hundreds of oil paintings, watercolor paintings and drawings. His creative work is actually a great contribution to Macedonian painting in general and his name is the first inscribed in the history of modern Macedonian 20th century painting.

Dimitar Avramovski Pandilov, Memorial exhibition, Art Gallery Skopje, July-August 1966

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