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Aračinovo 2001

#1 Aračinovo 2001 is a project I began last year by presenting my demolished house and it consists of several pieces in different media. In the paintings (oil on canvas) in a seemingly hyper-realistic approach I relive my personal experience in the recent events in Aračinovo.
The process of revealing my privacy displays all my fears related to the home I lost in the conflict as well as the general social downfall. The demolished walls, broken tiles and collapsed rooftops are all part of a present reality.

#2 Focusing on burning issues from current life and experience came after the process that led me to this final solution – transferring the real situation on huge canvases – was the beginning of realizing the Aračinovo 2001 project.

#3 The idea was to present my own reality through images. I lost my home in Aračinovo, 15 kilometers from the center of Skopje, 5 years ago during the conflict. My life as a refugee in the city is incitement enough for starting of a cycle of the sort.

The longing for one’s own home induces idealization of everything one has lost, indignation and a disturbed social life. A question emerges. How long? How long must we feel consequences from something so short-lived?

#5 I look into this issue from my personal viewpoint, listening to my own feeling.
Everything I wish to present is what at some point represented warmth and shelter, but now exists in a different form. As if I am getting to know another home and objects from another reality.
I am not talking about material objects, but about something deeper and more subtle that we build into a place and bring it to life. From this perspective I truly understand how emotional or, on the contrary, how vicious one can be, prone both to creation and destruction.

#6 In each of the pieces I have created so far one can detect a clear difference in composition: from presenting a whole interior, demolished, destroyed, to zoomed-in segments implying destruction without revealing the cause.

All the segments from the previous pieces were taken from our family home.

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