Trip to Paramaribo

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Trip to Paramaribo

1. Maribor, Paramaribo
2. Boston airport

– a global farce –
Translated by: Irena Tanevska

THE MAN, Kiril, a retired railroad worker around 70 years of age, Meto’s father
THE WOMAN, a teacher, of similar age
THE YOUNG MAN, Gordan, 22 years

MAJA, of same age as Gordan
OUR FELLOW COUNTRYMAN, Meto, coeval with Maja and Gordan
THE MAN IN BLACK, an American, 45 years
THE OFFICER, lieutenant Ellsinore, an American, a little bit younger
KEMAL, an officer of the Ottoman Empire army, later on Pasha Ataturk (1881-1938) a revolutionary, reformer and a statesman /and at the same time
COLONEL ELLSINORE, the lieutenant’s father
PAM, an American, a tourist/ at the same time ZSA ZSA, Kemal’s lover and
Zsa Zsa Gabor, an actress
ROSE, an American, a mother/at the same time THE WOMAN IN BLACK, our fellow countrywoman, a common woman
THE LITTLE GIRL, her daughter, a five-year old child

MILADINOV, Konstantin, (1830-1862) a teacher, a reformer and a poet
ZORBA, a character from a novel by Nikos Katantzakis
FAT JOE, a rapper from New York

LEATHER COAT 1, Udba, ex-Yugoslav State Security Service
LEATHER COAT 2, Udba, ex-Yugoslav State Security Service

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