Who do you belong to?

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Who do you belong to?

Part One, Scene One

(Aco Tiny is playing the guitar. Nina is sitting beside him. He is singing the famous song “Who Do You Belong to”, performed by Slave Dimitrov. After a while he gets up. He goes to the hedge, takes scissors and begins trimming it. The entire setting is a street from a suburb in Skopje. It takes place in late spring.)

ACO: “There’s a home amid yellow leaves, hidden somewhere… (sings) na na na… who do you belong to, who strokes your long hair…”
NINA: Bye! (leaves)
ACO: Arrivederci! (Lights a cigarette and continues singing.)
(Enter Ringo the Duck and Kiro the Stick.)
RINGO: Hey, who are you?
ACO: Sandokan and Mariana.
RINGO: An’ in your personal life?
ACO: Aco Stankoski from Prilep…
KIRO: Are you visiting somebody?
ACO: I live here.
RINGO: Since when, I haven’t seen you around.
ACO: I’ve been around for a couple of weeks plus three or four days!
KIRO: Are you planning to stay forever or are you going to move away?
ACO: Till the day I die!
RINGO: New kid on the block.
KIRO: How tall are you?
ACO: A hundred and eighty two.
RINGO: Now that’s tiny.
ACO (Collects the trimmed branches.)
KIRO: If you plan to stay on the block you should learn some of our house rules.
ACO: Why should I?
RINGO: So you’ll behave yourself.
ACO: I come from a good family!
KIRO: Want a cigarette? (slaps him)
ACO: I just got rid of it. These cigarettes are gonna kill me.
RINGO: Nobody says no to Stick!
ACO: The guy offered me a cigarette, not a stick!
RINGO: This fine gentleman is Kiro the Stick, the best poker player in Skopje and its surroundings, even plays barbut when he feels like it.
ACO: Sorry, Stick. I didn’t know they called you a stick.
KIRO: It’s all right, son, I forgive the first time, next time I’ll rip your ears off!
(He leaves.)
RINGO: Tiny, I’m Ringo.
ACO: I know, Duck.
RINGO: Hey, Prilep, I’m Ringo the Hunk for you, and Duck only for nice kids.
ACO: O.K., Duck…
RINGO: Which school do you go to?
ACO: Skopje high school, and you?
RINGO: Skopje pool house… and sometimes the civil engineering school.
ACO: I thought you’ve finished high school. You look older.
RINGO: I look like a rock, but I’m a baby at heart, with guts like King Marko. I flunked two or three times. Tax for our block. (Pause.)
RINGO: What does your father do?
ACO: First class sergeant in the army. And yours?
RINGO: My father is a conductor (pause) in jail, and my mother, prima ballerina (pause) in the cemetery.
ACO: Sorry…
RINGO: Forget it, I’m always direct with friends.
ACO: Have a girlfriend?
RINGO: I have girlfriends.
ACO: I like Nina, Fatso’s sister.
RINGO: Great chick, but already taken!
ACO: By who?
RINGO: By Stick…
ACO: Come on, he’s too old…
RINGO: Who cares if he’s too old. He’s the champ when it comes to girls and pool!
ACO: He seems to be the champ for everything!
RINGO: Drink?
ACO: Milk.
RINGO: … with cocoa…
ACO: … and I cut hedges!
RINGO: It’s easy for you to say!
ACO (Lifts the bag full of leaves.): Easier than for anybody else in the world!
RINGO: I see you play the guitar…
ACO: Yeah, I play…
RINGO: Where did you learn, in Prilep?
ACO: A bit here, a bit there, but mostly by myself.
RINGO: Ever played in a group?
ACO: I play solo, man, been playing solo all my life!
RINGO: If you want, you can join our band!
ACO: You have a band?
RINGO: “Fatsos”, the best in Central Europe…
ACO: Central Europe is too small for me. I wanna be the best in the world…
RINGO: Me too! Same blood group… Come tonight to rehearsal!
ACO: Where?
RINGO: At the Town Hall, we’ll play till morning…
ACO: O.K. …, pal!
RINGO: O.K. … , best in the world!
(They leave the scene, the friendship for “the best in the world” is born.)

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