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poet, essayist, travelogue writer, publicist. Born 23rd November 1937 in Nis, SR Jugoslavia. Studied law and literature at the University “Sv.Kiril i Metodij” in Skopje. Lived and worked in Zagreb, Croatia (1964-1982) and in Belgrade, SR Yugolsavia (1982-1985). He has lived in Skopje since 1985. Member of the Writers’Associations of Croatia and Serbia. Member of the Macedonian P.E.N. Centre.Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association since 1961.
Author of the following works: Drought, wedding and moving (poetry, 1961), Korabia (poetry, 1964), High noon (poetry, 1966) Boemia of Nature (1969), Through the crack of the sword (poetry, 1971), The sun the serpent knows nothing about (poetry, 1972), The feast (poetry, 1973), Grains (poetry, 1975), Lightnings (poetry, 1978), Guards (poetry, 1980), Plague (poetry, 1984), Unlocking the roads (travelogue, 1986), Keys (poetry, 1986), Marena (poetry, 1986), Selected works in three volumes (1986), Foundation (poetry, 1988), Grains, Lightnings and Keys (trilogy, 1989), The God of the morning (poetry, 1991), What can poetry do? (essays, 1993), The children of the Universe (poetry for children, 1993), Democratic jungle (political essays, 1994), Sound rider (poetry, 1995), The poet’s message to all poets in the World – Struga Poetry Evenings (1995), The Son of the Sun (poetry, 1999). Author of the Manifestos: The Epic of Voting (co-author, 1960), Manifesto of the Poetic Republic of Zelezna Reka (1990).
Awards include: “Miladinov brothers”, “11th October”, “Koco Racin”, “Povelba na pecalbarite”, “Goceva povelba”, “Aco Sopov”. Foreign awards: “Mladost”, “Zlatna struna”, “24 Disova prolet”, “Risto Ratkovic”. His poetry book “Grains” has been nominated as best book by the Jugoslav Radio – Television (1975). The manuscript of “The Feast” has received an award for its high artistic merits (poetry, Croatia, 1972). He has received the world’s recognition for entire work – ABN – USA (1998). He has been presented with detailed biography and bibliography in 13th edition of the International publication “Who’s who among intellectuals” (1999) by the International Biographic Centre (Cambridge, England). His poetry books have been translated into English (two), French, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Rumanian, Turkish (three), Serbian (ten), Slovenian and Albanian.

Address: Ankarska, 31/1-2, 1000 Skopje.
Tel: ++ 389 02 115 639; 070/226-179.

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