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short story writer, novelist, playwright, publicist. Born 1921 in Prilep. Held various positions in the social and cultural life of the country. One-time director of Radio Skopje, editor of the journal “Nov den” and “Razgledi”. Was also director of the Macedonian National Theatre. Served as a consul to Canada and Ambassador to Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. One of the founders of the Macedonian Writers’ Association, and its one-time president. Member of the Macedonian P.E.N Centre. One of the founders and member of Independent Writers of Macedonia.

Works: Plays – One night (1948), Last ravens (1950), Co-operative (1950), A straw in the wind (1957), Furrow (1958), Miserable life (1960), A Game or the socialist Eve (1961), The town clock (1965), Whirlpool (1966), A Musical score for a Miron (1967), Compatriots (1967), The three and the truth (1967), As you like it: resignation of a Cyprus minister of interior or, Dostaga on the top of the executive power (1975), Judgement (1978), Zitolub (1981), Divertissement for a Strez (1967-1990), Countrymen (1987), Tiburisio and Sinforosa (1988), Straw (in the wind), Two (1989), Dream One (1991), Dream Second, another one following (1992), Modus moriendi (1992), Lacrimula (1993), Markuch in a Quartet (1995). Novels – Standing straight (1970), Misfortune 1-2 (1977), Dumbfound (1981), Giddiness (1982), Bitterness (1983), Canadian fragments (1985), Consul’s letters (1987), It is so, if you think it is (1994), Limb (2002), The One without Name (2004). Books of short stories – First days (1950), Short stories (1953), Just tales (2000). Books of essays – Notes on the nation and the literature (1985), New notes (1989), Macedonian dilemmas (1992), Résumé of my generation (1998), Ailing tribe (2000).

Member of Macedonian Academy of Arts and Science.

Awards include: “Marin Drzic” (for his entire dramatic works), “11th October”, “Stale Popov”, “Steriina nagrada”, “Misla” (for his entire work), “4th July” and others.

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