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Kalina Izabela Zioła – polish poet, translator, literary critic, journalist, culture animator.

She published 20 poetry books (including eight in foreign languages) and one critic-literary one. She translated 21 volumes of poetry and anthology from Russian.
Her poems have been translated into English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Czech, Belarusian, Greek, Armenian, Serbian, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Swedish, Croatian, Esperanto, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and published in many magazines in the country and abroad, in Polish and international anthologies and almanacs, as well as broadcast many times on the radio and on television programs. She participated in many international poetic festivals and conferences, both in the country and abroad, among others in China, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Lithuania, Belgium, Macedonia, Croatia, Czech Republic and Ukraine. Winner of many national and international literary awards. Member of the Polish Writers’ Union, member of the Poetas del Mundo World Poets Association, secretary of the Board of the Association of Polish Journalists and Honorary Member of the Union of Armenian Writers, Union of Independent Bulgarian Writers, Union of Macedonia Writers, Union of Croatian Writers, Union of Ukrainian writers.

Member of the Chapter of the European Medal of Poetry and Art HOMER

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