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Ivan (Ivica) Djeparoski (b.1958, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia) is a philosopher, cultural theorist, poet and translator. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. He is an author of twelve books in the field of aesthetics and cultural theory and also of five poetry books, for which he was awarded the “Mlad Borec Prize” (1984), “Dimitar Mitrev Prize” (1993) and “Paradigm Praise” (2009). He works at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje as a professor of “Aesthetics”, “History of Aesthetics” and “Philosophy of Culture”. He was Head of the Institute of Philosophy (2004-2009) and secretary of Macedonian P.E.N. Centre. (1999-2001; 2009- ) He also translates (W.Blake, Y.Brodsky, J.Joyce, D.Hume, E.Burke). He was granted the “Grigor Prlicev Award” (1993) for a poetic rendition. His poetry and some of his essays are translated into several languages. Books: Argo Sails Down the Axios, Skopje: Misla, 1984; In Search of Lost Totality, Skopje: Kultura, 1993; The Work of Art, Skopje: Kultura, 1998; Beyond the System, Skopje: Kultura, 2000; Philosophical Stories, Skopje: Magor, 2001; The Young, the Sacral and the Art (co-author), Skopje: Templum, 2003; Aesthetics of Play (ed.), Skopje: Kultura, 2003; Beauty and Art (ed.), Skopje: Magor, 2005; Issues of Otherness (ed.), Skopje: Menora-Evro Balkan Press, 2007; Aesthetics of the Sublime, Skopje: Magor, 2008; Macedonian Essay (ed.), Bitola: Mikena, 2008; The Work of Art (second edition) Skopje: Magor, 2009; Attitude and Essence, Skopje: Dijalog, 2010. Poetry books: Pictures at an Exhibition, Skopje: Nasa kniga, 1989; Eclogues, Skopje: Makedonska kniga, 1992; Poems, Skopje: Detska radost, 1998; Will for Thought, Bitola: Mikena, 2008; The Abduction of Europe, Skopje: Dijalog, 2012. Poetry anthologies: Beautiful words, Skopje: Detska radost, 1993; Anthology of tears, Skopje: MakeDox, 2012.

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