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Elena Aleksieva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria (1975). She is the author of 13 books of poetry and prose. The short stories collections: Reader Group 31, Who and The Pet Syndicate, as well as the novels: The Knight, Devil and Death, The Nobel Laureate, among others. She has also offered several plays published in 2014 as: Angelic Fire and in 2015 Victims of Love.

Aleksieva has won the Helikon, Askeer and Icarus awards for contemporary Bulgarian drama, as well as the Award of the Society of Independent Theatre Critics in Bulgaria. Her novel Saint Wolf got the Novel of the Year 2019 award of the 13 Centuries Bulgaria National Donation Fund and the annual prose award of the Kultura portal. Her works have appeared in a number of periodicals and anthologies in Bulgaria and abroad. Her short story The Fun Fair has been included in Hayden’s Ferry Review, Issue #51. She has been translated into Spanish, French, English, Russian, Serbian, Polish, Hungarian etc.

Her latest book, the collection of short stories Breaking the Samsara (2021) is the winner of the National prize Yordan Radichkov, as well as the prize for prose Peroto by the National Centre for Culture.

A Sofia resident, Aleksieva works as a freelance translator and writer.

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