That Was a Day when the Sun and the Rain Made Love
Stone and Wind
Genesis of the Water: First Sounds
Genesis of the Water: Our Time
Genesis of the Water: Evil Day
Me & Tom Waits
The Beer is Echoing through the Remembrances
From Blue towards Black

we’ve lost questionmarks
in our questions
we let the fear to roam
but it couldn’t touch us
so we were smiling like summer rain
with the lightnings in our cheasts
and everything was an answer

the planet let us to have our own time
and we were sucking it fullmouthly
like as we were running away from a desert

the years were supervening
like trembled children
like a high tide of light and golden dust
like long
and the water was fondling us all the time

we were waiting to get born

the curliness of my room
got a dimensions of blue
and the walls were soft membranes
that let only the morning in

when she was absent
i was meeting her in the pulsation of the church bells
and in the water washing my face
i was listening to her laughter

we bought all the calendars in the city
so we could be able to find ourselves in your time
but our water had a different pulsation
so i shared the wisdom
with misbelievers
just to find out – our speech is mute
for other ears

we were reading our future
on the covers of old books
and we were remembering our past
to the last drop

we were speaking with a breath
noone to find out
what kind of spell is carrying us
and she became mountain
on my lips

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