That Was a Day when the Sun and the Rain Made Love
Stone and Wind
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Me & Tom Waits
The Beer is Echoing through the Remembrances
From Blue towards Black

i searched for you in the birds’ flight
and in the shape of the clouds
but i found you only in my breath

i searched for you
like a lost smile is being searched
like a lost look,
like a path for home

i searched for your voice
in the old instruments
but the dust was mute like an old spider-web
and as i searched for you deafer i became

the sunshine was melting in other hairs
and the water was running to all Earth’s gaps
and the stone was telling my song
because he learned it before me and he told it to someone
with a help from the wind.
and i set alone and mute

i searched for you in the armpit of the night,
but as the night kept you inside
so she dressed shamefully
when i would knocked on her door

i searched for you in my hair
maybe you hide inside, i thought
so you could watch me while i strive
and i faintly saw you in my eyes
but, the rain, i guess, have blurred them

the days became blindly bright
and i cursed because i knew:
maybe i will pass by
blind for your light

i searched for you in the murmur of the time
and in the touch with the thunder

and in the horse’s run
and in the songs’ end

and under my pillow
and on the geographical maps

and in the water forests
and in all of the curves of my highway

i searched for you in all the words i invented
to chant you

but i found you
only in my soul

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