Goddess of the Feral Cats

/, Blesok no. 63/Goddess of the Feral Cats

Goddess of the Feral Cats

Plastic attempt for a suicide
Obsession First
That Night
Midnight Happenings
I, You, the Earth

From Monday to Friday
I contaminate myself in restrictive spaces
I eat genetically modified food
I lose the sense for aesthetic
I drink more than an average Russian

Every Friday I decide that as of tomorrow (as of Saturday)
I will start the revolutionary diet
I will explore the untouched areas of the near mountain
I will write at least ten pages every day the most trivial dialogs

On Sunday I realize that it would be very clever if I create my own web
If I start going to the weddings with my mom
If I become Serious Positive Kind Feminine Simple
If I earn the first million even though an unsuccessful marriage

Every fucking week I fail with the plans from the weekend

AuthorAleksandra Dimitrova
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