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Interview with Van Wilks


Vasja: Here is the interview. I hope you will let me know when it is posted. I tour Germany Nov 1-18. Then go to Paris to discuss the possibility of of presenting a Texas Blues-Rock Guitar Seminar and Workshop in Europe. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Here are the answers for you interview.
Thanks for including me in Blesok.
Let me know when I can see it.

Thanks, Van

1. I started playing around the time of The Beatles and the “English Invasion” 1963-64 was a very exciting period in musical history. Also my Uncle had a music store and had been in country bands in the Lubbock, Texas area for years. He was a big inspiration with stories about meeting Buddy Holley and Roy Orbison.

2. I had Uncles and cousins that played and my father played the fiddle for fun.

3. Earliest musical influences were the English groups especially Beatles, Cream, Yardbirds, Jeff Beck and Led Zeppelin. And of course Jimi Hendrix. The English groups played all the old American blues but with power! And I liked that.

4. Blues and Rock form the basis of my music. I do not read music. I play from the heart and soul. I like to listen to all types of music.

5. Stage equipment includes two Peavey Classic 50 watt with 2-”12” speakers. I also use them in the studio. I also use a 100 watt Marshall Super Lead 100 with two 4×12 cabinets. I bought this amp new in 1971and I think it is the Holy Grail of amps! I also have a little 12 watt Marshall with a 10 inch speaker (a gift from Billy Gibbons) which I really like.

#2 6. GUITARS: A man can never have enough guitars!! My main guitars include a 1968 Gibson Les Paul (Black Beauty) which I bought new! Every scratch on it was made by me. A 1957 Stratocaster (Mary Kay model) … very rare… I have a custom built SCROTCHTONE LURKTAMER given to my by Billy Gibbons. My name is in mother of pearl inlay on the neck and the single
pickup is an old silvertone lipstick model. I have an Epiphone Casino and Sheraton. Some of my favorites include an assortment of “Junk guitars” such as Teisco and Norma. For acoustics: 1941 Martin O-18… A 1929 National and a new Taylor 614 CE.

7. I have enjoyed playing with Bo Diddley, Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Billy Gibbons, Ed King (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

8. Every guitarist is influential in one way or another. I “steal” from the best!!!!

9. I am happy to see blues music reaching a younger crowd. I am glad to hear a young guitarist acknowledge and give credit to the masters who started it all. I can never pretend to predict the future of the music business!!!!!

10. I like the fact of the young guitar players being well promoted. It makes everyone more aware of the music. I just hope they don’t burn out too soon.

11. I am married to Kim… No children… But of course we have the famous cat “Koko”.

12. Favorite guitarists of all time is a tough question!! Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Peter Green, Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell (because of her unique tunings) Django, John Lennon (finger picking style) Keith Richard, Leo Kottke and many, many more!!!!!

13. Favorite records is VERY Difficult!! But here goes: Electric Ladyland, Sgt. Pepper, Muddy Waters at Newport, Then Play On (Fleetwood Mac), Jeff Beck Truth. This is TOO Hard!!! Also Axis Bold as Love.

14. At live shows I do some Hendrix; Stonefree/3rd Stone from the Sun, Freddy King, Peter Green and just whatever mood hits!

15. I am working in pre-production for the new cd now. I don’t know the release date.

16. Yes I want to do a live cd. It’s hard to capture the live excitement in the studio.

17. I have do many “local” type sessions. But the most fun was with Bugs Henderson. A song called Honky Tonk featuring Johnny Winter, J. Vaughan, Willie Nelson and others.

18. I will say to Blues fans in Macedonia “Play Loud”!!!!! And thanks for listening to the Texas Blues-Rock. I hope to play in Macedonia someday.

“Koko’s Hideaway” excerpt

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