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Registered Letter

Registered Letter
The Emanator’s Suitcase

Koneski Blaze
Sick Dojcin St. 3a, Paris, France

Hey lad,
You used to clog me up with so much nonsense, with rags,
With sand, with cotton.
But you did know that I was just sitting and waiting for the right time
To get out.
I swallowed all of the nonsense like a passionate
Smoker who swallows his excretion, and decides not to spit it out.
And I got out.
But I want you to know one thing.
I did not get out for the worse, but for the better.
It is true that I did some damage, but it was inevitable.
But most importantly, I watered your vineyard.
That’s right. In the end, I am not that bad, right?
Wherever you are and whatever you do, farewell.

The Faucet

So that is it.
I apologize for the scribbles once again.
In fact, I have a proposition. I will tell you who I am, but I will ask you not to reveal my identity to anyone else. My identity could be revealed only if you think that this is a positive matter and the public will accept it as such. At least, I will get a lot of social points, right?

If you think otherwise then do not reveal my identity. If you think that the documents I have sent you are not of importance, I will ask you to integrally destroy this letter.

My name is Ivan Melkov, born in the village of Drenovci, Prilep, on 16 May 1971, the son of father Veselin and mother Jagoda. Birth Certificate Number 1605971440094. ID Number A1770855, issued in DOI Prilep on 11 July 2007. I have no siblings. I am not married, I do not have a wife who suffers from a mental disorder. I do not have any children as well, the scribbles are only a mask so that I could protect myself. I graduated from high school in Veles because my father used to work there, so we would often travel together. I earned my university degree in Skopje and came back to Drenovci. I have been here for more than 20 years. I found the documents near the park in the Municipality of Gazi Baba, Skopje, this one is true. I spent a few days in Skopje, I was looking for a job. I keep the originals at my place because I am fond of them, ever since I was a child I have heard about Blaze Koneski oftentimes because he was from Nebregovo, a village close to ours and I used to see him when he came back. The main reason I deliver these documents is the impression Koneski left on me at a meeting we shared. I was about 17 years of age. I was in his village, I used to date a local girl. We were sitting on a rock next to a narrow street. Then, Koneski passed by. He had not been in the village for a while. The man was walking along the street with a suitcase in his hand and he cast an eye on us. He smiled and gave us a piece of paper. On the paper, there was a poem. That poem changed my life entirely.

Once again, I would kindly ask you to obey my wishes.

Best regards,

Ivan Melkov

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