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1. To present Macedonia to the world.

Let’s not retell stories of the past and of the history; it makes the past appear more glorious day by day, while the present seems more and more tragic in comparison. Hence, Blesok is aiming at the future, at the unexamined spaces of being. One of them is the new way of communication.

2. To transcend the affirmed standards for “a quality text”.

We would rather not publish at all, than publish just anything for the sake of publishing. For someone’s work to appear in Blesok, it is not a prerogative to be friends with one of the editors or to seek out “a friend of a friend”, as is still the custom regarding some publishers. For someone to be published in Blesok, he/she has to have a high quality text. That is the sole and indisputable condition. There are many poetics and of course, we cannot accept every one of them. But, non-acceptance doesn’t equal underestimation, so one has to bear that in mind. In other words, we put poetic validity before poetic acceptability.

 3. To refresh the Macedonian cultural space with works by foreign authors.

We have published and will publish as many as possible high quality works by foreign authors, in order to offer a field for an active comparison between Macedonian and world art. So that we’re not self-absorbed.

4. Because of the freedom the internet gives to publishers from a technical point of view.

  • Free of restriction or obligation regarding the number of pages.
  • Possible access to/from everyone equipped with a computer and internet access.
  • Relatively low-cost publishing, 3 to 5 times cheaper than printing.

5. Why not?

We are doing this since March 1998. Why should we stop? 😉
We have published 93 issues of the magazine, we have changed the look a dozen of times, we have published more than 445 e-books in 35 languages, 160+ printed books, 3 CD-ROMs. We have a network of collaborators and friends all over the world. We are doing something good. That’s why!

6. Questions, comments, suggestions:

[numbers in #5 were updated on January 22, 2014]