In no man’s land

////In no man’s land

In no man’s land

Book of haiku by Josip Osti, in Macedonian, Slovenian, Croatian/Bosnian, English and Spanish (2014)

Macedonian translation by: Igor Isakovski.

Croatian/Bosnian translation by: Josip Osti.

English translation by: Martha Kosir.

Spanish translation by: Martha Kosir.

Edition Masin, book 10

Price: 150 den.


ISBN 978-9989-59-581-3, 10×14.6 cm., 144 pages
cover: cardboard

Additional contents:

  • Bio-bibliographical note
  • Drawings by Miroslav Masin

(The book is printed in Macedonian, Slovenian, Croatian, English, and Spanish.)

AuthorJosip Osti
Translated byIgor Isakovski
Translated byJosip Osti
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