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Zoran Pilić was born in Zagreb. He writes about books and paraliterary phenomena on booksa.hr. His collection of short stories Doggiestyle (2007) was turned into a theatre play Sex, laži i jedan anđeo (Sex, Lies and One Angel) which was performed at the Zagreb Academy of Drama Arts. His novel Đavli od papira (Paper Devils) was shortlisted for the Croatian literary award of the daily Jutarnji list, and was nominated for the Meša Selimović award.
His short stories and novel excerpts have been translated into English, German, Macedonian and Spanish. They have been published in The Anthology of the European Short Story (2011), the overview of the Croatian short story in Spanish Lengua de ruiseñor (2013),as well as Everything You Wanted, But Had No Chance to Read (2014) and Zagreb noir (2015) in English.
His short story ‘Kad su Divovi hodali zemljom’ (‘When Giants Walked the Earth’) won the European Short Story Festival prize.
– short stories (Konzor, 2007)
– novel (Profil, 2009)
Đavli od papira / Paper devils
– novel (Profil, 2011)
– poetry (Sandorf, 2013)
Nema slonova u Meksiku / There are no Elephants in Mexico
– short stories (Fraktura, 2014)

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