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Vladimir Martinovski (Skopje, 1974) is a poet, story teller, essayist, literary critic and translator. He works as a full professor at the Department of General and Comparative Literature at the Blaže Koneski Faculty of Philology in Skopje.

He is the author of the following works of poetry: *Sea Moon* (2003), *Hidden **Poems* (2005), *And Water and Earth and Fire and Air *(2006), *Quartets *(2010), *Hurry **Up **and Wait *(2011), *Before and After the Dance *(2012), *Real Water *(2014), *Inner Mountains * (2016), *Dream and **Awake* *Poems* (2017) and *Dum spiro spero *(poetry for children, 2019).

He has published three collections of haibuns: *An **Echo **of **Waves* (2009), *Cat in the Mist *(2016) and *Sky Without Stars *(2016).

He is, also, the author of a number of literary theory works: *From the Image to the Poem *(2003), *Comparative Tr**i**ptychs *(2007), *Les Musées imaginaires* (2009), *Images for Reading* (2009), *Comparative D**i**ptychs *(2011), *Zoon Poetikon* (2013), *Narro ergo sum* (2015) and *Poetic (Re)Visons *(2018).

Vladimir Martinovski is a winner of the following literary awards: “Brothers Miladinovci” (for poetry), “Nova Makedonija” (for short fiction) and “Dimitar Mitrev” (for literary criticism).

His poetry has been translated and published in twenty different languages. He is a Vice President of the Macedonian PEN.

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