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Project Description

Tihomir Janchovski, b. 1967. Graduated World and Comparative Literature in Skopje. Specialised Middle Ages at the Department of Mediaeval Studies, CEU – Budapest. Writes poetry, art history, works on documentaries and translates into Macedonian.

From the same author:
Vita Antonii, Tabernakul, Skopje, 1998 (translation)
Ordinary words, Tabernakul, Skopje, 1999 (poetry)
History of the World, Prosvetno delo, Skopje, 2001 (translation)
On the Prayer of Mind and Heart, Tabernakul, Skopje, 2001 (translation)
Cave Churches in Macedonia, Digitprop, Skopje 2001, (screenplay)
Nerezi (History, Architecture, Fresco-painting), Tabernakul, Skopje, 2001 (multimedia CD on mediaeval art)
Two, Kinematika, Skopje, 2002 (poetry)

Books by Tihomir Jančovski published by Blesok:

Blesok no. 103-104, December, 2015
poetry: Poetry

Blesok no. 119, May-June, 2018
poetry: Poetry

Blesok no. 37, July-August, 2004
poetry: Pere-Lachaise

Blesok no. 52, January-February, 2007
poetry: New poems

Blesok no. 75, November-December, 2010
poetry: Love Dies and Other Poems

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