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poet, prose writer, children’s writer. Born 7th September 1953 in Jabuka, Serbia. Finished Pedagogical Academy, Macedonian language in Skopje. Works with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of R.Macedonia. Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association.

Works: A diving boat (novella for children, 1991), A cardboard boat (tongue twisters, 1992), A gate of stars (novel, 1993), The eastern wall (poetry, 1993), Angel’s Birth (long poem, 2001), Winter Hat (short stories, 2002), Purple Rain (short stories, 2004), All-seeing Eye (poetry, 2008)

Has won the “Narcisa” Award (1999) for his book of poetry The Eastern Wall and “Grigor Prlicev” Award for the long poem Angel’s Birth.

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