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Sibila Petlevski, poet, novelist, playwright, performer, literary critic and theatre scholar, university professor, editor and translator born in Zagreb, Croatia. Doctor of philological sciences, full professor at the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb. Member of L’Académie Mallarmé and l’Académie Européenne de Poésie. Received the annual National Prize for Literature and Arts Vladimir Nazor (1993), 1st Poeteka International Poetry Prize (2005) for her book “Joined Faces” and Petar Brečić Prize for theoretical dramaturgy. Her play Eisgeneral was selected at Berliner Festspiele TT Stückemarkt (2005). Nationally and internationally anthologized author. She had readings and public recitals at all relevant international literary events. President of Croatian P.E.N. centre (2001-2005). Member of the Board of the International P.E.N. (2002-2007).


Kristali (Crystals) 1988; Skok s mjesta (Standing Jump) 1990; Скок од место, Macedonian edition translated by Ante Popovski, Misla, 1990; Sto aleksandrijskih epigrama (A Hundred Alexandrian Epigrams). 1993; Babylon. Bibliophilic, multi-language edition with Nevenka Arbanas etchings; languages: Croatian, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovene; original in English, 2000; Heavy Sleepers. Bibliophilic edition in English with Nevenka Arbanas etchings, 2000; Libitina. Bibliophilic edition in English with etchings, 2002; Spojena lica (Joined Faces), 2006

Francuska suita (French Suite)
(novel) 1996; Koreografija patnje (Choreography of Suffering) (novel with bilingual poetry in English and Croatian). 2002; Noćni trening (Night training) (novel), 2006; Ноќен тренинг, 2008 (trans. Into Macedonian by Igor Isakovski); Moj Antonio Diavolo (My Antonio Diavolo) (novel). 2007; Taboo (novel). In print.

Ledeni general (Eisgeneral)
, 2005; Cagliostro Forever, libretto; 2007; Rimbaud’s House, 2007

Six non-fictional books (mostly scientific books on theatre).

Sibila Petlevski is member of Blesok’s International Editorial Board.

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