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Risto Lazarov (3rd October 1949, Štip). Graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. Works as a journalist. President of the Macedonian P.E.N. Centre. Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association.

Books of poetry: A night bird in the park (1972), Jana (1980), Frightful Giggling (1982), Drops of sour truth (1985), Summer over the ocean (1988), Gorjan in Dojran (poetry for children, 1988), Odroni (selection, 1988), Boiling point (1990), Setting off from Bitola (poetry for children, 1993), Hardly trustworthy (1993), Siljan the Stork Flies Over Macedonia Once Again (1995; in English: 1996; in Bulgarian: 2006), A History of Illness (in Russian, 1996), Reality (selection, 1996), Heracles (1999; in Slovenian: 2006), Columbus (2000), Three for card-game (2001), The Unspoken One (2003), The Sudden One (2005), Czech Longing (2006, 2007; in Czech: 2007), Е Beftë (in Albanian, 2006), Mid (2008).

He is also an author of books on socio-political comments – First person singular (interviews) and Page after page.

Awards include: Radio-Television Skopje at the Struga Poetry Evenings Festival, “13th November”, “Praznik na lipite 2000” by Macedonian Writers’Association, “Mlad Borec”, “8th November”, “Mito Hadzivasilev-Jasmin”, “Brothers Miladinov”.

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