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Primož Repar, born 1967 in Ljubljana. He graduated in philosophy and history at the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana. He is chief editor of the cultural magazine “Apokalipsa” and publishing house Društvo Apokalipsa. He is a poet, translater, esssayist. He has translated the works of Soeren Kierkegaard directly from the original and also is the researcher of his work.
Poetry collections: Križ in kladivo, (Cross and Hammer)1992; Onkraj sveta je krhka pajčevina, (There is a Fragile Cobweb Beyond the Word) 1994, Molitvenik, (Book of Prayers) 1995; Mors barbariorum, 1996; Alkimija srčnega utripa, (The Alchemy of Heartbeat) 1998; Gozdovi, ikone /Woods, Icons, 2004; Po žerjavici, (–-, selected poems) 2006. Selected poems is published in Slovak language: Krehké pavučiny, (Fragile Cobwebs) 2003.
Book of essays: Spisi o apokalipsi, (Essays about the Apocalypse) 2000. Nomination for Marjan Rožanc Prize.

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