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poet, short story writer, novelist, playwright, of Albanian ethnicity in Macedonia. Born 15th April 1928 in the village of Gajre, Tetovo. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy. Was an editor with Macedonian Television. Member of the Macedonian P.E.N. Centre. Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association since 1966. One-time secretary of the same Association.
Works: The Sound of the Forest (poetry, 1960), Noon smiles (poetry, 1963), The sun knows its way (novel, 1964), Afternoon smiles (poetry, 1966), Wreath on the Earth (poetry, 1968), A Ring on the Wasteland (short stories, 1971), Tardy Fire (novel, 1973), Fevers (poetry, 1975), Wounds (novel, 1975), A lock of hair (short stories, 1978), The Bridge (poetry, 1982), Thirst (novel, 1982), Draught (short stories, 1982), Stains (novel, 1986), Sweet Comfort (poetry, 19890, A Wave (novel, 1985), Reckajt (novel, 1989), Betrayal (novel 1991), Oriolika (poetry, 1994), The unfortunate ones (novel, 1995), Somebody is digging on my forehead (poetry, 1999).

Address: Blok 82, Tetovo.
Tel: ++ 389 044 23 944; 20 439; 330 088.

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