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Miljenko Jergović, prose-writer, poet, critic, publicist, born on May 28, 1966 in Sarajevo, where he graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, University in Sarajevo. He edited a few youth-newspapers and magazines. He has been living in Zagreb since 1993. He writes literary texts, film, rock, comic-book critiques and critiques on media occurrences for the daily, weekly and monthly publications. His works have been translated into the English, German, Italian, French, Turkish, Spanish, and Macedonian. He was awarded numerous literary prizes, domestic and foreign.
Published works: Observatory Warsaw, poetry, 1988; Is Someone Studying Japanese in This City Tonight, poetry, 1990; Himmel Comando, poetry, bilingual English-Croatian edition, 1992; Over the Frozen Bridge, poetry, 1996; Sarajevo Marlboro, stories, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999; Karivani, 1995, 1999; A Nazi Etiquette, 1998; Mother Leone, stories, 1999, 2003; You Say an Angel, play, 2000; A History Reading-Book, 2000; Superintendent Schulz, poetry, 2001; Buick Rivera, novel, 2002; Walnut Castles, 2003; Rabija and seven angels, stories, 2004; A History Reading-Book II, 2004.

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