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Dr. Melentie Pandilovski is an art historian, theorist, curator, and critic. He is Director of Video Pool Media Arts Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He previously held the positions of Director of the Visual and Cultural Research Centre, Euro-Balkan Institute in Skopje, Macedonia, Director of the Experimental Art Foundation in Adelaide, South Australia, and Director of the (Soros) Contemporary Art Center in Skopje, Macedonia.
He has curated more than 150 exhibitions and organized numerous symposia, conferences, and workshops, in Europe, Australia, and Canada, such as: “Age of Catastrophe” (2015), “Toxicity” (2013/14), and “Marshall McLuhan & Vilém Flusser Communication & Aesthetics Theories Revisited” (2012) in Winnipeg; SEAFair (Skopje Electronic Art Fair) in Skopje, Macedonia1997 – 2011; “Biotech Art – Revisited” in Adelaide in 2009, etc.
His research deals with examining the links between art, science and consciousness. He was Consultant Editor of Artlink’s “Bio Art: Life in the Anthropocene” (2014), Editor of “Energy, Biopolitics, Resistance Strategies and Cultural Subversion” (2012), “The Apparatus of Life and Death” (2011), “Art in the Biotech Era” (2008). His publications include: “How biotechnology and society co-constitute each other”, Technoetic Arts Journal, Intellect Ltd. 2012; “On Modes of Consciousness(es) and Electronic Culture”, in Glimpse, Phenomenology and Media, San Diego, California, 2000. Contributor to ISEA(Chicago 1997, Liverpool/Manchester 1998, Singapore 2008, Istanbul 2011, Vancouver 2015).

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