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Project Description

Martina Vidaić (1986., Zadar, Croatia) graduated in Croatian language and literature at the University of Zadar. So far she has published three poetry collections: Era gmazova (SKUD IGK, 2011., Goran’s price for young poets), Tamni čovjek Birger (VBZ, 2016., finalist of the Janko Polić Kamov award) and Mehanika peluda (HDP, 2018., Ivan Goran Kovačić award), and one novel, Anatomija štakora (Naklada Ljevak, 2019.). Her poems were also published in the anthology Hrvatska mlada lirika 2014. (HDP, 2014.), in croato-romanian anthology Ritualul omului fericit (18 poeti croati tineri) (Tracus Arte, 2017.) and in Grand Tour (Reisen durch die junge Lyrik Europas) (Carl Hanser Verlag, 2019.). In 2019. Italian translation of her poetry was published as e-book L’insopportabile delicatezza della polvere in Italian publishing house Kipple officina libraria. Some of her poems were also translated to several other languages and published in different literary magazines. Since 2015. she is one of the Croatian choices for international project Versopolis.

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