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Marko Tomaš was born in Ljubljana in 1978.
He went to elementary school in Mostar and Kljajićevo. Graduated from high school in Sombor.
Оne of the founders and editors of the magazine Kolaps and its accompanying library.

He has published articles in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian newspaper Dani, Glas Istre and Feral Tribune.
He ran the famed bookstore Utopia in Split.
He is a journalist for the news portal
He has published prose and poetry in journals in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.
His poems have been translated into Italian, Polish, German, Macedonian, and English.
He has lived, studied and worked in Sarajevo, Zagreb and Split. He currently lives and works in Mostar.

List of published books:
L’ Amore Al primo Binocolo
, with Nedim Ćišić, Mehmed Begić and Veselin Gatal (2000).
Three Times Thirty-Three Equals
with Nedim Ćišić and Mehmed Begić (2000).
Hands Under Head
Mama, I’m Succesful
Life Is A Joke
Marko Tomaš
And Other Poems (2007).
Farewell, Fascists
Midnight Conversations
People’s Revolution Boulevard
Cheating Death – Selected Poems
Ivica Osim – The Matches of Life, A Biography

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