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Project Description

Lejla Kalamujić was born in Sarajevo in 1980. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo with a degree in philosophy and sociology. She is the author of the story collections “Anatomy of a Smile” (2008), “Call me Esteban” (2015) and “Hurry up and invent a city ” (2021). For the “ Call me Esteban” collection, she won the Istrian County “Edo Budiša” award for the best regional collection of short stories in 2015. The collection “Hurry and invent a city” was awarded the regional literary award “Štefica Cvek”. In addition to the stories, she published a drama book “Hands full of clouds” (2020). The dramas from this book “The Cannibal or How I Killed My Family” and “Let’s Turn Off the Light” were performed at the Bosnian National Theater in Zenica. Her stories and plays are translated into several foreign languages.

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