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Kristina Nikolovska is writer, poet, literary theoretician, literary critic, essayist, anthologist, and university professor in Theory of Literature at the Faculty of Philology “Blaže Koneski” in Skopje.
She is an author of nine books: Desymphony, 1988 (poetry), Auroris, 1989 (poetry), Metaphor of Belonging, 1999 (theory of literature), Organization of Silence, 2000 (literary criticism), Metaphor of the Verb, 2004 (theory of literature), Philosophemic Nets, 2004 (literary criticism), Тишината меѓу два збора (Ars Poetica) / Silence between two words (Asr Poetica), 2005 (thematic selection), Inner Silence, 2006 (essays) and Charisma, 2006 (essays and cultural dialogues).
She was a visiting professor in several European countries (Belgium, Slovenia, etc.). She was a Secretary for International Cooperation at the Macedonian Writers’ Association. She is well known as a promoter and speaker on numerous literary and cultural events,
Nikolovska is author, script writer and show host of the anthology TV series Razgovornica, a cycle of culture and art shows which contains conversations with eminent Macedonian authors and artists.

Kristina Nikolovska was editor of Blesok Reviews.

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