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Enver Kazaz (1962), art historian, literary critic, poet and essayist. He was born in Kamenica, the municipality of Ilijaš. He graduated from the Department of South Slavic Literatures at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo in 1985. He completed his postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, where he defended his master thesis “Poetry of Musa Ćazim Ćatić – Literary Heritage and Spirit of the Modernism“ in 1991. His Pd.D. thesis „Bosnian Novel in the XX Century“ was defended at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo in 2000. He worked at the Institute of Literature in Sarajevo in the period of 1986-1992. He has worked at the Department of the Literatures of the Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo since 1996. He is a professor of Bosnian and Herzegovinian and Croatian Literature and Comparative South Slavic Slavistics. In 2005 he was a guest professor at the Institute for West and South Slavistics at the University of Warsaw.
Enver Kazaz works with literary history, literary criticism and political essays. He has published and edited a number of books, papers, essays and studies in numerous magazines and collections (Izraz, Lica, Život, Diwan, Sarajevske sveske, Bosna franciscana). He was the editor-in-chief in Zoro publishing house and editor-in-chief of Lica magazine, as well as member of the editorial board of Književna revija and the magazine Sarajevske sveske. He is a member of PEN centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has participated in a number of international scholarly events and worked in a number of scholarly gatherings organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
His literary-historical studies and essays have been translated into several languages: English, German, Polish, Hungarian and Bulgarian and published in a number of international scholarly collections. He is also included in the Anthology of Bosnian Essays, which was edited by Alija Isaković for Alef publishing house.

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