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Enes Halilović was born on March 5, 1977 in Novi Pazar.

Poetry: Middle Name (1995, 2016), Voluptuous Horse (2000, 2017), Leaves of Water (2007, 2008, 2008), Poems from Sickness and Health (2011), Walls (2014, 2015) and Bangladesh (2019).

Collections of short stories: Descendants of the Rejected Suitors (2004), Capillary Actions (2006) and A Strange Book (2017, 2018).

Drama: In vivo (2004) and Kemet (2009, 2010).

Novels: The Epic of Water (2012) and If You Gaze Long into the Abyss (2016, 2017).

He is the founder of the literary magazine Sent and the literary web magazine Eckermann.

The short stories, poetry and plays of Enes Halilović have been published in separate books in English, Polish, French, Macedonian, Turkish, Albanian and Bulgarian, and a selection of his prose and poetry has been translated into English, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, French, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Albanian, Macedonian, Greek, Bulgarian, Catalan, Romani, Danish, Portuguese, Italian, Belarusian, Armenian and Latin.

Halilović has collected 172 folk riddles that he has published with Elma Halilović in the co-authored book Riddles (2015).

Awards: Golden Badge for Contribution to Culture of the Serbian Culture and Education Society, “Meša Selimović“, “Branko Miljkovic”, “Đura Jakšić“, “Ahmed Vali”, “Stevan Sremac”, “Golden Word”, and for the editorial work in Sent he has received the “Sergije Lajkovic” award.

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